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Case Studies

Find out more about how we can help you achieve your dream kitchen by reading some of the work we have done with others who have got the kitchen they wanted. Case studies not only provide kitchen inspiration but also give you an idea of the Kitchen Solutions way and how we work with you to achieve your vision.



Case Study – Pembroke House

Sharon Morgan came to us looking for a new kitchen after deciding against moving house. Her brief was to have the functionality of a modern kitchen with the latest appliances yet aesthetically still in keeping with her Cotswold Stone barn. Longevity was also a key factor in her choice of kitchen; she wanted a kitchen that would be built- to-last and would stand the test of time.

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Case Study – Fewcott

A recent water leak had caused significant damage to the downstairs of Caroline and Shane’s property and they needed to replace everything that had been water damaged especially the kitchen and adjacent utility room, which needed to be completely gutted due to excessive water damage. Caroline wanted to refresh the appearance of the downstairs after the water damage, ensuring it was light and airy and had a country kitchen look to it. The kitchen is the hub of the home for this sociable family and therefore they wanted a kitchen that would create a wow factor amongst their family and friends.

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